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At AF Law, we have an experienced Sacramento family law team that is on your side through divorce, child support, spousal support, restraining orders, and the division of assets. We can help you navigate the system to get the best possible outcome for your case. We understand that each case and each individual is different and should be treated as such and that’s why we don’t use a cookie cutter plan of action. We get to know our clients and move forward with the best course of action for them. Contact the team at AF Law today for a family law consultation.



  • Our legal team is compassionate and understanding.

  • We have over fifteen years of family law experience.

  • We treat each client and case individually because no two are the same.

  • We value honesty and transparency.

  • We handle a multitude of family law cases including child support and custody, divorce, restraining orders, and more.

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Divorce/Legal Separation

  • Property Division
  • Same Sex Relationships
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Child Custody

  • Custody when not married
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Child Support

  • Child Support
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Spousal Support

  • Before a divorce Judgment
  • After divorce Judgment
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Division of Retirement

  • Pension
  • Deferred compensation
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Complex Property Division

  • Businesses
  • Inheritance
  • Community and Separate Property
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Restraining Orders

  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
  • Civil Harassment Restraining Orders

Our Family Law Services

At AF Law, we are a team of experienced law professionals that handle family law cases including divorce and separation, spousal support, restraining orders, and more. If you live in the Sacramento area and are in need of a family law attorney, contact the team at AF Law for a consultation.

Divorce and Legal Separation

We understand how difficult going through a divorce or separation can be and we know that having an experienced family law attorney on your side to help you navigate through the legalities can help reduce some of the stress and frustration involved. When you hire AF Law as your family lawyer, you are choosing someone who will fight for you every step of the way. Learn more about divorce and separation from AF Law.

Spousal Support

Spousal support, commonly known as alimony, is many times something that affects both individuals' life after divorce. Whether you are fighting to receive alimony or are on the other side, the experienced team at AF Law can help. Learn more about spousal support from AF Law.

Division of Retirement

When going through a divorce, you must address the division of your assets and this is no different for your retirement accounts. AF Law is here to help you with the division of retirement accounts. You can count on our experienced Sacramento legal team to fight for your best interests. Learn more about the division of retirement from the AF Law team.

Complex Property Division

If you need help with complex property division in Sacramento during your divorce, the experienced family law team at AF Law can help. If you own a business, have an inheritance, equipment, or buildings and need someone on your side to fight for a fair and positive outcome, a family law attorney is the best way to do that. Learn more about complex property division from AF Law.

Restraining Orders

The Sacramento law team at AF Law is on your side if you need protecting from physical or psychological abuse. We fight for the safety of victims of domestic violence. If you or someone you love needs a civil restraining order, contact AF Law to learn more.

We can also provide you with a defense if someone has filed a restraining order against you. When you need an experienced legal team on your side, AF Law is here.

Other Services Offered at AF Law

Child Custody and Support

At AF Law, we understand the difficult challenges that are unique to child custody and support cases. When you hire our experienced family law team, we will make sure that you are not alone and that we fight for the best interest of your child.

Schedule a Consultation at AF Law

If you are going through a divorce or a restraining order in the Sacramento area, AF Law is the family law firm that can help. We are experienced, compassionate, and understanding. We treat each case and client as the individual they are by offering customized legal representation. Contact us today for a consultation.